Life Cycle Analysis

We don’t just talk about the sustainability of Agrol; we have the research to prove its positive impact on our environment.

A Life Cycle Analysis, conducted by qualified third-party Omni Tech International, determined our soy-based polyols provide a significant carbon footprint reduction when compared to petroleum-based polyols. In fact, approximately 5.5 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents are removed or prevented from entering the atmosphere for every pound of Agrol® that replaces a pound of petroleum-based polyether polyol.

The Life Cycle Analysis proves Agrol® polyols have very low VOC content, and produce less air pollution, acidification, smog formation and ecotoxicity versus petroleum. It even takes less fossil fuel and less energy to produce Agrol®.

Soy vs. Petrochemicals

The burning of fossil fuels ranks as the primary source of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere and accounts for 80% of the world’s energy use.

By using plant-based chemistry versus fossil fuels, Agrol will help your company move toward a low-carbon economy. One key is refusing to fall back on the way things have always been done and embracing new strategies using Agrol natural chemical innovations.

Products developed with soy technology have been shown to:

  • Improve corporate sustainability practices
  • Reduce regulatory compliance
  • Lower insurance costs for manufacturers
  • Decrease long-term costs while adding product value
  • Curtail petroleum dependence and associated price fluctuations

Did You Know?

If 5% of the polyether global market was replaced with soy-based polyols, 3.15 billion pounds of carbon dioxide would be removed from the atmosphere.

That’s the equivalent of removing 250,000 automobiles from the road every year!

USDA Certification

Our customers can trust the authenticity of Agrol certified products because our 80.8% to 99% biobased content is third-party verified and USDA monitored.

Agrol proudly displays the USDA Certified Biobased Product label, as our polyols meet the high standards and criteria to earn the certification. And you could earn it, too.

Any business with a biobased product that meets USDA criteria may apply for certification. And certified labels can lead to increased sales as they provide an assurance of quality.
We can help you achieve this objective!


“The label says more than this product is biobased. That label says this is an American made product. That label says this product is helping to stabilize prices and to improve income opportunities and diversity income opportunities for farm families. That label says this is about jobs in rural America. And that label is also about reducing our reliance on foreign oil. It’s also a label that says we are a sustainable product; that we are committed to improving the environment and to allowing us to deal with the challenges that weather and climate present. It’s an extraordinarily important label.”

~ former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

USDA BioPreferred® Program

Agrol is also part of the USDA BioPreferred Program. Managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the goal of BioPreferred is to increase the purchase
and use of biobased products.

To date, the USDA has nearly 100 categories of biobased products listed in the BioPreferred Catalog, such as chemicals, carpet, paints and coatings, insulation, packaging, bedding, composite panels, sporting goods, and more. The BioPreferred Program is designed to assist companies and consumers identify verified products
made with a significant amount of biocontent.

The federal government and federal contractor market represent billions of dollars in purchases annually. And federal agencies and contractors must follow Mandatory Federal Purchasing requirements to purchase biobased products within the listed USDA categories. By incorporating certified Agrol polyols, systems or blends into your products, doors will open to federal purchasing opportunities.

Agricultural Impact

When you choose to go green with Agrol, you are in turn helping the hard working, dedicated American farmers and soybean processors.

U.S. farmers produce 34% of the global soybean supply, and Agrol products help each one of them and our economy by manufacturing soybean oil that would
otherwise be considered “waste.”

There is ample supply --- even a surplus --- of soybean oil available for human consumption and the food industry since only 4% of the oil is used in industrial products.

So not only are you helping our environment when you switch to soy technology, you are supporting the dedicated farmers working the fields across America.

Marketing Opportunities

When you move sustainability to the forefront of your business, your customers will notice. The marketplace is hungry for green products and demand is growing every year for products that promote better health, reduce energy costs and minimize any negative impact on our environment. This is a great opportunity to market your corporate commitment to renewable products.

In today’s world of social media, reputation is even more of a key factor in company success. Customers and other stakeholders appreciate any efforts to decrease emissions. You have an opportunity to broaden your reach and company portfolio when you move toward environmentally-friendly products. Not only will customers view your company and brand as forward-thinking and responsible; they will also conclude your product is “better” than your non-green competitors.

Customers want to know the products they buy are safe, how they are made and what is in them. Now is the perfect time to consider the entire life cycle of your products. Make the switch to Agrol and promote your sustainable product development to drive sales and strengthen customer loyalty and trust. We look forward to working side-by-side with you to ensure a better world for generations to come.

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