The Agrol® Advantage

We often get asked, “What exactly is Agrol?” It’s simple.
Agrol is a line of plant-based chemical solutions for companies seeking to improve the performance
and sustainability of their products.

As a leading brand name in renewable chemistry, our Agrol team can work one-on-one with customers to develop strategies to cost-effectively incorporate our biobased materials
into the making of your products.
Whether you’re a manufacturer, formulator or retailer, let Agrol be the key
to reaching your sustainability goals.

Agrol® Polyols, Systems
and Blends

Your company’s path to increased sustainability begins on a farm and ends with products made of
renewable materials.

Agrol plant-based polyols, systems and blends, derived from soybean oil and cashew nutshell oil, are formulated to decrease the use of petrochemicals in various polyurethane applications. From our custom drop-in solutions to our original line of USDA Certified Biobased polyols, our Agrol experts will help reformulate your products to not only improve sustainability, but to improve overall performance costs as well.

Thinking Sustainability? Think Agrol®.

Although you don’t see Agrol plant-based chemicals in end-products, our world sure feels their impact.

Through technological innovation, Agrol will help lower your carbon footprint by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing your dependency on petrochemicals and supporting agriculture. By considering the entire life cycle of products, incorporating Agrol will demonstrate your company's commitment to our environment.

We're Ready to Partner
With You

Our Agrol team is known for our personalized customer service and expert technical guidance.

If you have the desire to produce more eco-friendly products but don’t know how or where to begin, our Agrol experts can help. We look forward to collaborating with you to add value to your company and brand by going green with Agrol.

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