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Our Focus

BioBased Technologies® is an innovative company focused on helping our customers - formulators and manufacturers - meet their customers’ demand for quality products that dramatically reduce their impact on the environment.

In short, We Enable Sustainability®, but what does that mean?

logoWe help our customers increase the sustainability of their products.
For a manufacturer, we can reduce the amount of petroleum they use
in their formulations for products like car seats and carpet backing.


The entire company is dedicated to providing excellent service and performance:

  • By providing personalized technical support to our customers and advice to our customers
  • By providing high-quality products that reduce our customer’s carbon footprint without sacrificing performance

BioBased Technologies® is a woman-owned and woman-managed company.

Our History

Established in 2003, our initial goal was to bring to market better building insulation. While in the labs, our formulators developed a high bio-carbon content soy polyol that can replace some petroleum polyols. Polyols are the building blocks of polyurethane foams. Today we have a complete bio-based polyol product line: Agrol®.

Our Products - Polyols

image 1Agrol® is a family of bio-based polyols introduced in 2005. The first polyols available were Agrol® 2.0 - 5.6, and these have 99% renewable content. Next, Agrol Diamond® was developed with 86% renewable content based on ASTM D6866. These soy-based polyols are USDA Certified Biobased Products and are an exciting option for environmentally-conscious manufacturers who want to decrease their use of petroleum-based polyols.

Now the Agrol® family has expanded to include Agrol Platinum®, a cashew nut shell liquid-based polyol; Agrol Star (TM), made from castor oil; Agrol Prime (TM), made with soy; and Agrol® AO, soy-based polyol with antioxidents added and low VOCs.

Agrol® is used in a variety of products including lubricants, building products, diesel additives, furniture, automotive, adhesives, agricultural products, carpet backings, industrial coatings and printing inks. Build Healthy. Build Smart.®

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